Monday, July 1, 2013

TEDx Talk: Illustrations featured in Dr. Tiffany Simpkins Russell presentation

I am proud and delighted to say my work has recently been featured in a TEDx Talk! Tiffany and I have worked together for years on various personal art projects, her first childrens' book, A Song for Miles and we are currently working on her latest book, Dream Olivia Dream which will be arriving very soon.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Marionettes! New Paintings on Etsy

Let me begin with the fact that I have an unwavering  fear of life-like dolls, puppets, wax figures, etc. They are all out to get me, especially the dolls that blink.

So to 'face' my fear, I decided to do a series of paintings about marionettes who want to be truly alive and human.  Each of them has a story that tells of the predicament of having no soul, no taste buds and being made of wood, rather than flesh and bone. There are more paintings to come, so check back soon.

These three lovelies are for sale in my Etsy shop. Click the image to go directly to the listing.
Mimi -  Excellent fashion sense and  stellar etiquette--how did she learn that?

Lola - A foodie at heart, though she doesn't have any tastebuds.

Mari - Pious, she prays to the Great Creator to protect her own creator.

NOTE: I also have a fear of clowns, but I don't think I'll ever paint them.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Work It!

It's been ridiculously long since I posted. Guilty! But with pursuing a masters degree, performing and working a part-time (not to mention needing that social life), things get a little hairy sometimes.

I have some great news: I will be having a show in November and with (hopefully) some new work. I'll dish details on that later. In the meantime here is the Raw Artist showcase video--FINALLY :)!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


My birthday has already passed this year, it was in June. I don't celebrate Christmas or any holiday for that matter, so there is no reason for me to post this except for the fact that I  need these items and must have them!
Every artist has a wishlist of items that are not completely out of range, but maybe out of reach for the moment. Saving my pennies, people, these are mine! Unless, some of you would be so kind as to
gift them to me ;)

American Maestro Easel--this one is huge. I would love to work with bigger canvases but my weak wobbly easel wouldn't be able to hold the weight. I love the brush canister! 

Copic Sketch Markers, 72 set A--Copic makes tons of different types of markers. Most can be purchased individually or in sets and I NEED them all. These are great for illustration work and for theorizing the color for the next painting.

Golden Fluid Acrylics--Need I say more? I want every color in the super bulk size.
Golden is my favorite brand of acrylics. The vibrant colors and the quality are unmatched.

Kindling by James Jean--every artist needs inspiration.

OttLite TrueColor Flex Arm Plus Lamp--nothing beats this lamp for an artificial outdoor light source. The magnifying glass would really help with the detail work and would save my eyesight for a few more years.

Artograph LED200 Digital Art Projector--this baby would be wonderful for transferring my good sketches on to canvas. It is virtually impossible to draw the something identically to the way I drew it the first time.
Having a projector raises the bar. I really do neeeeeed this.

So there you have it. They don't have to be gift wrapped but I sure do like pretty wrapping paper ;)


Friday, August 19, 2011

Oldie But Goodie

I painted this one a few years ago when I was first experimenting with my style. Do you think I've improved? Be honest. :)

 Primal Scream, Acrylic on canvas 18 x 24 inches

Source: None via Raheli on Pinterest

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Inspiration: The Scenic Route

I've always been a stargazer. I've seen two shooting stars in my young life, and I'm always looking for more.
What inspires you?

Images from google
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